Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Headed to Uganda in a Week...

Dear Friends,

here is an update of what i am up to:

I am headed to Uganda in a week with The Voice Project. You can read about The Voice Project here:

i will be helping Hunter, Anna, and Ryan make a documentary about the Women of Gulu. The Voice Project raises money for these refugee women who sing songs to their abducted youth calling them back home. The youth have been abducted by the Lords Resistance Army, and most are much too ashamed to return. The women sing songs asking them to return. We will be documenting these women, recording more of their songs to be delivered to radio stations in the Congo, and interviewing some of the soldiers who have returned. I am very honored to have been invited to join them on this very special mission of peace.

Since my last blog entry (in which I talked about my concern about the drug problem in Afghanistan) I was asked to write a song for an anti opium and heroin campaign in Afghanistan. It is really wonderful to contribute in any way that i can to the health and prosperity of Afghans. I am working on the song...

We are full swing ahead in post production for my documentary too ! When I get back from Uganda I will pretty much be saturated in the documentary and writing my next album...

And I am also about to release a music video that I directed for my song "Be Gone Taliban". Stay tuned...

peace and love*


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